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Friday, September 08, 2006

“I still have my kidneys”…or…”I still have a job”

Well I still have a job, at least until summer of 2007 when they start canning the production team. They plan on getting rid of the carpet dwellers first and some of the managers before the chopping block is passed to us. Our team only has 52 and we should have 65 so I don’t know who will get the axe if anyone at all. It would make sense to keep us all but there has been a lot of mismanagement and uncertain planning. I have thought that if I get fired maybe the stocks will go up 2-3 cents. So considering that, I feel a little like Jesus.
Bobbi and I have been getting along a lot better since the last post. I thinks we understand each other better now but she still has not sold a mortgage. Anyone want to lock into an interest only? You could get into a mansion for $650 a month.
Chad if the neighbors’ house is all boarded up you should throw your parties over there you wouldn’t have to clean up at all… just a suggestion?
Anyway the Montana trip is on hold but I have looked (under Kristen’s suggestions) into mounting… @#$#... MOUNTAIN real estate business ventures.

Peace out Homies – dee dee dee

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Oh my God! I’m back… Will anyone see this or have they totally given up on reading my blog? 38 comments and I read every one of them. I really had nothing to say lately and I never bought a card reader for the camera since the crash. So I haven’t been able to post any pictures.
I will try to get a card reader soon. Pictures are way better than words anyway. And it will give Ray a new canvas to work with.
Well a lot has changed. Bobbi quit her job and has been trying to sell mortgages for the last 2 months. She has not been successful at all which has lead to much turmoil-age within the casa. Intel rumor mill has word out that Tuesday will be layoff day. Of the 160k employees we may loose 10% (16,000 jobs). I may be having a garage sale on Wednesday if all goes sour. I have a plan to sell the copper and bathroom fixtures out of the house on Thursday, right before the bank takes her. I should be far gone by then. Montana is for me anyhow. I can grow a beard and boil hooch for money. Ray maybe the bank can use your sign?
Oh and sorry guys. I know how life can be…without me.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Can you hear me now?

So I was thinking the other day: “why haven’t I written a post on my blog lately?” The only answer I came up with is that I feel very busy out here. The truth is I am much happier and less bored. I used to be so bored at work that I could not make myself look at Ebay any longer and found amusement writing out a post or reading my friends’. I have plenty of time to write posts but I just use my time more constructively now. I have cut down trees in the yard and planted new. I spray painted my Willys (w/ rattle cans) and put in new carpet. There have been plenty of movies watched, we have a sweet rental place out here with $0.99 old movies- absolutely great! I watch shit like “Escape from New York,” “Scare Face,” “The Warriors,” or “The Fly.” I am currently building a Harbor Freight trailer kit, cuz I haven’t learn my lesson of pulling trailers. The house got new swinging doors to separate the cat and dog. Last week we went to White Sands (awesome), Carlsbad Caverns, and Roswell (didn’t see one alien though, just a bunch of weirdoes at Hometown Buffet).
I am sure the “sun every day” novelty will wear off soon and I will become more depressed and eventually come to hate my job like all Americans. Then you will see more posts.
Gas is over $3.00 here, that sucks.

God speed bizatchezz…

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I felt like I need to keep up with the Jones (Kristen) and write a little tidbit about TV. So at this new house we actually hooked up our TVs to antennas (we haven’t really watched TV in the last 2 years besides movies, too cheapo for cable or to busy). Reception is really good here because we are at the top of the valley.
At 4:00 every day Brett and I watch back to back episodes of “Malcolm in the Middle,” This by far has to be my favorite show of all time! Sure Cheers, Wings, Buffy, Seinfeld, Married W/ Children, or Will and Grace all had a few good one liners, and they each had memorable episodes, but Malcolm is piss your pants funny sometimes! Was that a run on sentence or what?

Every day Brett sings along with the theme song, “…life is unfair.”

Can’t report on anything else cuz that’s pretty much all we watch so far.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

We are not alone

So Brett made a “best” friend named Dez and a while back he spend the weekend . I’m on nights so I am a cranky asshole come Sundays. Well anyhow Bobbi tells me that we are supposed to go over this kid’s house for dinner so that we can meet his parents. I’m think’en this is going to really, really suck ass and I better take some beer so that I the night goes by quick and I won’t care about how lame these people are. I was bitter. I took a six’er so I wouldn’t appear like a drunk (and the Dez is never allowed over again) but its enough to get me through.

These people are awesome! We have new friends out here now. The dude’s name is Carlos but the kids all call him “Poppi” including Bobbi, which makes us ALL uncomfortable and the chick's name is Jennifer. When we got there Carlos was listening to gangster rap while downing a Budweiser. Every-other word is “Fuck.” These are my peeps, man.

Carlos came from Brooklyn and has the accent to prove it. He says, “If the kids (plural) gonna fucken swear then at least they better learn to fuck'en use it correctly. Fuck man what you drinken?”

Jennifer is cool too.

We are having them over this weekend for some fucken beers.

On a side note: Julie and Scott just left after delivering my Bronco. It was a good time by all. Thanks guys.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


OK OK I deserve a beat'in! I will not offer any lame accuses why I haven’t posted since I moved other than I am a lazy jerk. I am working 5:45pm- 6:20am W-T-F-Every other SAT and it is not fun staying awake at all. My job requires me to push F3 and F6 most of the night but I have to run between machines loading and unloading product. After the first day of work I went home and slept 4 restless hours before I had to go back into work for the next 12 hr shift. I had nightmares of pushing F6 F3 F6 F6 F3 F6 all in the wrong order and when ever I messed up a semi truck would hit us and the bank would take our house. I’m not stressed or anything! I have been preoccupying my stress by drawing plans for a garage next to the house. I got estimates to have it built. The first was for $38K the second for $22K. WTF we can’t afford that so I am just going to build it myself. I got estimates for that and it is about $8K completed. But that means I will have to dig the foundation myself too. I have 3 or 4 days off a week so hopefully I can do it a little at a time (and pay a little-at-a-time too). I already have a shovel. Scott is coming out this weekend and bringing the Bronco back from MN with him. That should be fun accept that I have to work Sat. Miss everone and look forward to you visiting.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where have you been?

Ok, Ok, I know I haven't written much seeing as I moved and crashed (crashed while moving) but I will try to get back on the ball. I have a break again later today so I will post then. Keep well friends!